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Nov 11, 2013 2:10am EST
also said that his background as a one raiser for president obama is an issue as well. >> tell us some of the details of the legislation to be taken up on the federal health care law. >> the law basically authorizes insurance companies to continue to offer plans that would have been canceled due to the new standards under obamacare. the bill basically -- president obama during the debate said people could keep their plans if they like them, and now that seems to be not the case. millions of people have gotten notices that their plans have been canceled. the idea behind this is to maybe try to score some political points on that, but also there is a big debate going on in congress about whether there should be a delay in the affordable care act and many of its provisions. >> health-care care legislation also scheduled in the senate involving pharmacy compounding. they are also planning apparently to consider a few more judicial nominations. what else is going on in the senate? >> that will be the balance of the week. we will have a vote on adc circuit court judge -- a d c circuit court
Nov 11, 2013 3:20am EST
. whether afghanistan is going to make it after these elections and whether the u.s. and nato will be able to withdraw and peace. >> i've never claimed to be an expert because i've never been there. and i -- after what we've been through the past couple of months, i would hesitate to make predictions about the future in the united states. however, i am confident they will produce a result that will be recognized as a government. and that at least as long as the absolutely necessary financial support to the salaries of the security forces out of the government go a along. there will be plenty of political crises and other emergencies but there's not going to be a collapse of the state as you saw after the soviet withdrawal. the regional situation is radically different. there is a regional consensus even including pakistan and strongly including china, which pakistan would like to alienate. there should be the taliban government in afghanistan. there are differences on what will become of him them should play in the future set up of the country. i would also add one other factor which is th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2